Student Health

If you require a medical letter as you have missed an exam or classes then a consent form should always be completed stating exactly what you are consenting the GP to send to the University.  Once the consent form has been completed it should be handed in to the surgery along with the payment of £35, your letter will be ready for collection within 5 working days.

Student's are welcome to register with either of the two practices in St Andrews. However due to large numbers the practices split these up by surname for admin purposes. From 1st July any new students registering will be allocated as follows:

Blackfriars Medical Practice for students with the surnames Nu-Z

Pipeland Medical Practice for students with surnames A-Nt

If you are already registered with a Practice there is no need to change.

Usually, we ask you to complete a form during matriculation to register with us.  We ask you to fill in this form as completely as possible.

If you have a chronic illness or complex health needs, additional information in the form of letters/prescriptions is helpful.  An appointment to discuss this with one of the doctors may well be beneficial.

You will remain registered with us during your studies. If you need medical assistance out with term time you can be seen at any GP Practice in the country as a Temporary Resident.

You cannot be registered with more than one General Practice at a time.

Please do not be tempted to register fully with a medical practice out with St Andrews during holidays as this will cause unnecessary confusion and delays to the continuity of your care.

Student Patient medical questionnaire

Patient Registration Form

Exam Stress / Anxiety / Worry

Studying at university can be a time of great change and, for some, a stressful and anxious time.  The university has a student support service which can be found at This website also and also promotes some self-help web-based pages.

Your student support services can also be contacted using any of the following contact details:
79 North Street
St Andrews
KY16 9AL
Scotland, United Kingdom 
Tel: Work +44 (0)1334 (46)2020 

University Absence

If you have missed an exam, deadline or class, there is no need to see a GP to get a certificate for the university.  The University and local GP practices have a procedure in place for the certification of minor illnesses.  If you are worried, you should submit a self certificate to student services and inform student services of your condition.  They will, in turn (with your permission) seek confirmation from us.  A copy of the certificate can be printed from this link and should be fully completed by yourself.  If you have an on-going medical condition that you feel may impact upon your studies, you should contact the student support / ASC team on 01334 462020.  The following link provides further information If you require further information then please do not hesitate to contact the practice on 01334 477477 or your local faculty advisor.

Student Support Services

Student Services at the University is the central point for the units committed to playing a monitoring and enhancing role in the student experience. Student Services is sub-divided into four main divisions, notably:

  • Advice & Support
  • Student Experience
  • Discipline
  • Residence Wardens
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